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The Social Sciences Divisional Office supports academics and researchers, as well as the administrative functions in departments in the areas of educational provision, academic policy and quality assurance, on-course graduate administration, research support, planning and resource allocation, capital and space planning, and the administration of academic appointments.

The Divisional Office works to support the specific responsibilities assigned to academic divisions, which include:

  • the development and proposal of strategic five-year plans and one-year operating statements;
  • the general oversight of and responsibility for all matters concerning budgets, space, syllabus, and staffing, across the division;
  • the maintenance of educational quality;
  • the periodic strategic review of units;
  • the approval of appointments of academic staff; and 
  • the oversight of relationships between the units, relations with other parts of the collegiate university and with external funding agencies.

The Divisional Office is the main focal point for communication between the University’s central administration and the academic departments, e.g. over student administration, the planning and budgeting cycle, student number planning, course fees, etc.

Our teams work closely with departments to ensure they are providing the most effective support in each area, tailoring their services to the particular departmental needs as much as possible.