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Our commitment to equality and diversity

Equality and diversity is at the heart of what we do. We strive to create a working environment which enables our staff and students to contribute, flourish and excel: to enable you to give your talents fully for the benefit of all.

Our strategy for 2016-2018 is informed by a staff survey and a series of focus groups undertaken in 2014/15. We are committed to the following actions and objectives:

Family friendly

  • Provide a supportive environment for those with caring responsibilities
  • Increasingly schedule meetings and events at family-friendly times


  • Foster a sense of inclusivity among staff and students by improving communication and transparency
  • Explore the experiences of all minority groups
  • Provide clear advice on the support available to those experiencing or witnessing bullying and harassment


  • Examine our recruitment practices, and revise these where needed
  • Review career development support
  • Promote leadership on the part of women and those from minority backgrounds
  • Review and monitor the processes by which salaries are approved

We recognise that there is more to do to diversify the talent pool in the social sciences at Oxford. As a key action in tackling this, we are supporting and encouraging departmental applications for Athena SWAN awards.


For information on any aspect of equality and diversity, or if you work in one of our departments and would like support with an Athena SWAN award application, please contact Fiona Groenhout.

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