Advanced Qualitative Research

The Advanced Qualitative Research (AQR) course offered by the Department of Education starts in week 2 of Michaelmas term.
Classes will be held every Tuesday of Michaelmas and Hilary terms from 11 to 12.30am in Seminar Room E, Department of Education, 15 Norham Gardens, OX2 6PY. Optional student-led sessions will continue for Trinity term.

Advanced Qualitative Research

The course is open to all 2nd, 3rd and 4th year D.Phil. students across the Social Sciences Division and has been designed to help you develop skills and understanding relating to the analysis of qualitative data as you enter or are finishing your field work and beginning the process of analysis. The structure of the course reflects the issues and challenges that students have faced using qualitative data in their research and is quite practical in nature. It is not suitable for first year DPhil students because of the stage of their research, not because they lack any prerequisites. 

If you would like to attend the classes please contact Dr Liam Guilfoyle to register. Registration is for both terms. If you will be leaving during the year to conduct fieldwork, please contact me to discuss the best way for you to attend. It is probably better to wait until your return, but some people successfully complete Term 1 in one year and return for Term 2 the next. We do ask for commitment to attend all sessions because of the nature of the seminars. Course handbooks will be provided for attendees who have registered. 

Michaelmas Term – Unit 1: Quality, theory and framing 
Week 2    Session 1: Quality and trust in data analysis I 
Week 3    Session 2: Conceptual and theoretical frameworks 
Week 4    Session 3: Theory in use in qualitative data   
Week 5    Session 4: Numbers in use in qualitative data
Week 6    Session 5: Coding qualitative data I 
Week 7    Session 6: Progressive focussing
Week 8    Session 7: Writing, methodology and context in qualitative theses 

Hilary Term – Unit 2: Quality and the process of data analysis
Week 1         Session 1: Quality and trust in data analysis II
Week 2         Session 2: Within-case analysis
Week 3         Session 3: Cross-case analysis
Week 4         Session 4: Introduction to Mixed Methods
Week 5         Session 5: Focus groups
Week 6         Session 6: Deconstructing qualitative writing
Week 7         Session 7: Writing qualitative analysis
Week 8         Session 8: Coding qualitative data II: CAQDAS tools