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The Oxford Faculty of Law is different from any other law school. The largest in the UK, it comprises more than one hundred and fifty legal scholars from the colleges and University, and is a federation of the thirty college law schools. The Faculty admits and teaches and examines a diverse and outstanding body of students from all parts of the world, with a student-to-faculty ratio of approximately 7:1.

Photo credit: John Cairns

The Faculty of Law is home to a unique combination of common law learning and comparative and international jurisprudence. Oxford holds a leading position in connecting teaching and scholarship, common law and civil law, theory and practice. In addition, the Faculty supports a number of cross-disciplinary and cross-jurisdictional research concentrations, some of which are formally constituted as Centres or Institutes while others operate as informal networks of exchange with scholars in other academic departments and other institutions, in the UK and abroad.

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Key contacts

ACTING Dean of the Faculty

Professor Anne Davies

Head of Administration and Finance

Charlotte Vinnicombe

General Enquiries

+44 (0) 1865 271491

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