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The Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford is a world-leading centre of pioneering research, debate and policy for a sustainable future.

We invest in research that cuts across disciplines to address complex, global issues because these challenges cannot be understood and addressed by any one academic field alone. We support research that doesn’t fit­­ within conventional funding channels, but which could have a major impact on the wellbeing of this and future generations. With more than 30 programmes and over 200 academic researchers, subjects are as diverse as the future of the global food system, geo-engineering, cybersecurity, and innovation in healthcare. 

To qualify for our support, the research must: be of the highest academic calibre; tackle issues of a global scale; could not have been undertaken without our support; and have a real impact beyond academia. 

We seek to make an impact through new approaches to complex issues, through academic, scientific and technological discovery, and by developing evidence-based policy recommendations. Our events, publications and online resources aim to increase understanding of the most pressing challenges and opportunities of our time. 

For more information, please visit the Oxford Martin School's website. 

Key contacts

Director of School

Mr Achim Steiner 

Head of Administration and Finance

Laura Lauer

General Enquiries

+44 (0)1865 287430

Visit the School's website