DPhil Placement Clinic


An opportunity to have a chat about your research and professional interests, and how your work may be relevant to and benefit from a placement project. Book a 20-minute appointment with the Postgraduate Placements Officer, Denitsa Filipova, to find out more about collaborating with real world organisations, business and policy engagement, and how these link to a career both inside and outside academia. You will be able to discuss ideas and options for collaborations for research impact, and how to enhance your profile and skills through a placement. You will also learn about a number of placement opportunities with various types of organisations, from policy to start-ups and businesses, and the option to organise a placement with an organisation of your choice at a time in your degree program that suits you best.



1. Learn about existing placement opportunities for PhD students
2. Discuss how to incorporate impact in your PhD research via a placement
3. Become aware of the process, funding and options for setting up a placement
4. Consider future career paths and necessary skills and experience


To book your 20-minute slot email Dr Denitsa Filipova