DPhil placements: knowledge exchange and engagement


This workshop will provide information on different ways to do a placement with an external organisation during your DPhil. These might be international organisations, government, NGOs, businesses, and the placement can be linked to your DPhil research or your broader skill set.

The trainers will also give you top tips on how to find and approach suitable organisations, and how to introduce yourself and your placement idea in a way that is attractive and matches the organisation’s profile. They will also touch upon the value of engagement with external organisations and the way these can be used to build your network, test a career, and gain experience that can be useful for future research collaborations for impact.

You are welcome to bring placement project ideas to the workshop, and the last part of the session will be available for individual questions.


Dr Fiona Whitehouse, Internship Office Manager, University of Oxford Careers Service
Dr Rachel Bray, Careers Adviser to Research Students and Research Staff, University of Oxford Careers Service


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