How to Lecture: Designing a Lecture

How to Lecture Part 1: Designing a Lecture

This workshop focuses on how to design a lecture in the social sciences. Participants will be invited to explore and discuss what makes a “good” lecture and the variety of approaches, methods and techniques involved in designing a lecture. 

In the first section of the workshop participants are encouraged to explore and identify both generic and discipline-specific features of best practice in designing a lecture. This involves a discussion on the different techniques and approaches to designing a lecture for a variety of delivery platforms, including online, pre-recorded, and in-class lectures. We will also explore the challenges in designing a lecture, including how to maintain audience attention and engagement, how to maximize the use of technology and other learning tools, and how to ensure the aims and goals of the lecture are successfully met. The second part of the workshop comprises a practical exercise in which participants devise their own lecture, drawing on the elements of best practice discussed in the first part of the workshop. The final section of the workshop invites participants to reflect on the process of designing a lecture and to develop their own lecture design toolkit. 


1. Acquire an understanding of best practice in designing a lecture

2. Identify the challenges and processes involved in lecture design

3. Understand the different approaches to preparing online, pre-recorded, and in-class lectures

4. Develop valuable experience of creating a lecture through individual practical exercises

5. Create a lecture design toolkit


This workshop is the first in a series of three and you need to be able to attend all three:

11 November,  13:30 - 16:45 - How to Lecture Part 1: Designing a Lecture

25 November,  13:30 - 16:45 How to Lecture Part 2: Presenting a Lecture

02 December,  13:30 - 16:45How to Lecture Part 3: Lecture Symposium


This course is now fully booked but we hope to run it next term.