How to Lecture: Presenting a Lecture

How to Lecture Part 2: Presenting a Lecture

This workshop focuses on how to present a lecture in the social sciences. The first part of the workshop brings together participants to identify best practice techniques in lecture delivery and presentation. We consider a range of factors that influence lecture presentation, including the mode of delivery (online, pre-recorded or in-class), use of technology, methods of interacting and engaging with an audience, and a variety of performance techniques. The second part of the workshop focuses on small group discussions and invites participants to explore the challenges and potential difficulties they might encounter in presenting a lecture, across a range of delivery platforms, and to diverse audiences. Participants are encouraged to consider how they would deliver and present a lecture using the lecture slides they created in advance of the workshop. We conclude the workshop by compiling a toolkit for delivering and presenting a good lecture.



1. Acquire an understanding of best practice in presenting a lecture
2. Identify the challenges and processes involved in presenting a lecture
3. Understand the different approaches to delivering online, pre-recorded, and in-class lectures
4. Reflect on the challenges and potential difficulties in presenting a lecture across a range of learning platforms, and to diverse audiences
5. Develop a toolkit for delivering and presenting a good lecture


Suitable for anyone who is new to lecturing or has limited experience of delivering and presenting a lecture. It may also be of value to anyone who is new to creating presentations for an academic conference or symposium. 

This workshop is the second in a series of three and you need to be able to attend all three:

11 November - How to Lecture Part 1: Designing a Lecture

25 November - How to Lecture Part 2: Presenting a Lecture

02 December - How to Lecture Part 3: Lecture Symposium


This course is now fully booked but we hope to run it again next term.