Identifying potential collaborators

One of the main obstacles to collaborations with non-academic organisations is finding the right partner, understanding why they might see value in the collaboration (e.g. compliance, strategic interest, learning a different point of view) and convincing them of why they should work specifically with you or use your research and findings to improve their products, services and processes. Even if you already have a specific collaborator in mind, it might be helpful to have an additional think about stakeholders and to check you have the right contacts. This could help you strengthen your conviction about whom you should contact or open up new opportunities that you had not thought about before.

This training session will provide you with tools and suggestions to identify and select potential non-academic collaborators that might be interested in working with you and how to find their contact details to reach out to them. We will cover:

  • What a stakeholders’ analysis is and how to conduct it
  • How to choose key stakeholders
  • How to find the contact details of the stakeholders you want to collaborate with or work with/for

During this training, you will engage in two practical exercises to start developing the skills to identify and contact new collaborators.



You will be given slides beforehand followed by an individual exercise. The live webinar of 1 hour will take place using Zoom, followed by 30 minutes live Q&A 3 days later.