In the Wings - Presentation preparation

A great presentation is a story that needs to be told, delivered as a message that inspires an audience to think, feel and do something different as a result. It holds many parallels with other storytelling genres like novels, films and plays, and benefits greatly when approached in the same manner.


If the purpose of a presentation is to cause an audience to think, feel or behave differently as a result of experiencing it, a presenter must share information in a persuasive way. 

Effective persuasion is rooted in the presenter caring about the outcome, and making the choice to care is an accessible place to start when considering how you might become a better communicator.

The course begins by acknowledging how diverse, dynamic and distinct communicators and audiences can be, before weaving a path through experiences, ideas, examples and exercises drawn from the worlds of storytelling, business, communication and the participants themselves.

The journey highlights a range of options from which participants can draw, to create and test a framework suited to their personal style and presentation objectives. 

You will come away with a set of practical tools with which to craft a careful message designed to affect an audience.



2-hour Zoom presentation with a short break.




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