NVivo: Data analysis - professional practice

This one-day workshop is aimed at students and researchers who have learnt how to use the basic functions of NVivo and have collected some of their own data, and are now looking to get guidance on how to work through their data sets in NVivo. The workshop will cover, in practical terms, ideas for different approaches that can be used to manage, structure and analyse qualitative data sets. Participants will first produce a conceptual framework of their codes and cases, and then input and extract data from NVivo for their analysis.

  • Designing a data repository, and how to structure and store different data sources in NVivo.
  • Working backwards from presenting and writing up qualitative research.
  • Producing a coding framework and case structure for a research study.
  • Methods of analysis, including coding, assembling narratives and running queries while maintaining research integrity and rigour.
  • Exploring qualitative data visualisation in NVivo and other software.

Taught Using
NVivo 12

What You Will Need
Computers running NVivo for Windows will be available, but you can bring your own Windows or Mac laptop if you have NVivo 12 installed. Please bring with you some qualitative data (e.g. interviews, field notes or documentary evidence etc.) that you would like to work with in the session - the data must be in electronic form for you to upload into NVivo. If you use the computers provided, you will need a memory stick for data transfer.


  • Gain insight into how to structure data sets ready for analysis in NVivo (or similar software).
  • Develop a general awareness and understanding of the methodological issues and implications involved in analysing qualitative data using NVivo.
  • Draw up practical plans for the types of analyses required from the research.

Dates announced beginning of September 2019


IT Learning Centre