The In-Between Times

It's a strange period for many people, which varies in length, expectations, and realities from student to student. It is a period of transition, when big stuff might be happening: vivas, job applications, family and residential changes, or consideration of new career directions and next steps. The nature of the doctoral journey means that many students enter this period quite disconnected from any departmental, faculty or college cohort to which they belonged at the start of their DPhil.

However unique your circumstances, it’s likely you have interests and questions in common with others also at this stage of their doctorates. Coming together across departments, faculties and divisions to explore this liminal phase and support one another can make a huge difference, making it less daunting and more collegial than facing it alone.

In recognition of this, the Social Sciences and Humanities divisions are coming together to offer students a monthly informal drop-in hosted by the divisions’ Researcher Developers (both themselves survivors of The In-Between Times at Oxford) Dr Eleanor Pritchard and Dr Caroline Thurston. Participants will also be welcomed to a MS Teams group for ongoing chat, support and sharing useful resources.  

Based on past experiences, we anticipate topics of discussion that may include (but not be limited to):
•    I’ve submitted – so what do I do now? 
•    The emotional impact of thesis submission
•    Finding a new ‘rhythm’ to life after submission
•    Where am I going next?
•    How are you preparing for the viva?
•    What is the process of corrections like?
•    How does it feel to be doing corrections?
•    How are people juggling paid employment and the necessary doctoral work of this period?
•    Preparing to leave Oxford 

These sessions are open to any DPhil students in the Humanities or Social Sciences Division who have submitted their thesis.


Book 17 November - 3 - 4pm

Book 15 December - 11 - 12pm


DTP students are also welcome to apply