What type of collaboration works for you?

This workshop is for DPhil students and Early Career Researchers who want to develop a collaboration with a business or another non-academic organisation but are unsure about what the collaboration might be about/what type of collaboration would suit their needs the most.
Collaboration with a non-academic organisation or business can be a fantastic and rewarding experience; building your network, enhancing your own research, and increasing your impact.

There are many models and types of collaboration

Which is right for you?

How can you shape a collaboration to work along with all your other commitments?



  • Understand the key factors that should shape your decision to collaborate and your evaluation of the type of collaboration that might work best for your purpose
  • Become aware of common types of collaborations that social scientists engage in and of what their benefits and limitations are
  • Start to think about with the help of concrete examples what type of collaboration will suit your needs


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