Your Research and the Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis worsens researchers’ experiences of feeling isolated and lost. 

Perhaps you are worried that you will not be able to collect data in the near future, or you are worried that the coronavirus has derailed your research altogether. Perhaps you are wondering how to cope, or struggling to make progress on other research activities in the meantime. Perhaps you find it difficult to juggle your responsibilities towards your research and to those you care about, during this time.

These weekly meetups are for DPhil researchers to share any concerns they have. There is no limit to the issues you can bring up in these meetups. These can be about data collection and COVID-19 (such as what to do when in-person data collection becomes impossible), about your identity as a researcher (can you be an ethnographer if you cannot go to the field?), or more general anxieties you face (such as imposter syndrome). 

We hope to break the silence about the difficulties of doing research during the pandemic, and to toss around ideas for alternative methodologies, resources, and activities you can do when you feel you are at your wit’s end. 

Support for DPhil students during the COVID-19 crisis



Hour-long online meetups, during which I will facilitate the discussion. There will be no pre-set topic, although participants can feel free to suggest topics in future sessions.