Ensuring water security – both reliable water supply and acceptable risks of water shocks – in the face of rapid environmental and socioeconomic changes is one of the major challenges of the 21st century.

Addressing water security

The severity of water-related stresses will be mediated through the political, institutional, economic and social frameworks in which water is managed, and the multiple scales at which water security manifests itself, on both a global and community level.

Understanding and addressing the causes of future water insecurity, and its social and environmental consequences, requires research that can tackle this multifaceted problem. To that end, the University of Oxford is establishing the Oxford Water Security Programme, as a world-class research network.

Professors Jim Hall and David Grey are co-chairs of the Expert Task Force of the Global Water Partnership and OECD Global Dialogue on Water Security and Sustainable Growth.

The Global Dialogue will result in a milestone report on ‘Water Security and Economic Growth’ to be presented at the World Water Forum in South Korea in 2015. This places Oxford at the forefront of finding solutions to this global issue. 

Why give?

At Oxford we provide the knowledge base and inspiration for new policies to address these challenges and to promote sustainability and social change and the preservation of human diversity and culture. Economists, sociologists, lawyers and political scientists hold offices in governments and leadership worldwide and policy makers turn to Oxford for research and advice.

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