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Creating a world-leading programme of excellence in East Asian Studies at the University of Oxford

East asia studies

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East Asia is a region of vital strategic importance and has emerged as the most dynamic part of the global economy. China has become, or will soon become, the world’s largest economy. Japan is the world’s third largest economy, and it, together with China, the Republic of Korea, and Indonesia are members of the G20. 

As the countries of the wider East Asian region continue to grow in global importance in economic, political and strategic terms, deepening our understanding of the relations among these states, their ties with regional neighbours, and with the wider world is increasingly essential.

The University of Oxford’s Social Sciences Division, in partnership with St Antony’s College, the leading centre for international studies within the University, is seeking funding to appoint an Associate Professor in the International Relations of East Asia. This highly distinguished individual will lead research and teaching within the division and the College facilitating and enhancing the understanding of East Asia across the wider University.

Endowment for this post is a high priority for the University. Funding is also needed to support and develop the academic programme associated with East Asian Studies such as post-doctoral fellowships, graduate scholarships and events such as an annual lecture and regular seminar series. These activities are crucial to raising the profile of East Asian Studies both within the University and the wider public domain.


  • Margaret  Koval
    Margaret Koval

    Head of Development - Social Sciences

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At Oxford we provide the knowledge base and inspiration for new policies to address these challenges and to promote sustainability and social change and the preservation of human diversity and culture. Economists, sociologists, lawyers and political scientists hold offices in governments and leadership worldwide and policy makers turn to Oxford for research and advice.

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