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Working across the sciences, social sciences and humanities Oxford Martin Programme on Resource Stewardship works to radically rethink global resource stewardship

Oxford martin programme

Working across the sciences, social sciences and humanities to radically rethink global resource stewardship.

We aim to deliver a framework, accountable to future generations, that will create actionable input on critical global issues such as freshwater resources, land-use and atmosphere.

We have gathered an interdisciplinary team of philosophers, anthropologists, economists, modellers and environmental scientists to rethink how we monitor, manage, maintain and allocate globally important resources.

Our aim is to work through understandings of individual and collective behaviour and current institutional practice, with a focus on how technical information is used in decision-making, to deliver a new framework for stewardship that will ensure that the world’s essential resources remain available for generations to come.

Why give?

At Oxford we provide the knowledge base and inspiration for new policies to address these challenges and to promote sustainability and social change and the preservation of human diversity and culture. Economists, sociologists, lawyers and political scientists hold offices in governments and leadership worldwide and policy makers turn to Oxford for research and advice.

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