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Department of International Development researcher Dr Oliver Owen was awarded second prize in the Early Career Impact category for his research of the Nigerian Police Force.

Dr oliver owen receives outstanding early career impact prize

His study is providing unique evidence for reforms aimed at improving performance, effectiveness and accountability within Nigeria's Police Force.  By working closely with over 130 police officers based in north-central Nigeria, Dr Own explored the world of policing from the officers' points of view, gaining insights into the potential for reforms.

Reforms advocated by Dr Owen are already being implemented and he has been invited to participate in future implementation of reforms.  in addition, the Inspector General of the Nigerian Police Force has based a review on Dr Oliver Owen's report into policing, asking national heads of departments to make written responses on its recommendation.

"The methodological approach you (Dr Owen) adopted and effort you put in place have completely validated your findings, which are also borne out by realities on the ground.  The Inspector General of Police has already started implementing your research findings, particularly on Alternative Resolution of disputes."

- CP Austin I. Iwar, Principle Staff Officer to the Inspector General of Police, Nigeria Police Force

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