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Sir Tony Atkinson, an economist who has pioneered thinking on inequality and welfare economics, presented his report of the Commission on Global Poverty at a launch in Oxford.

Sir tony atkinson

Image:  Sir Tony Atkinson

At the launch event on 4 November, co-hosted by OPHI in the Department of International Development and the Oxford Martin School, Sir Tony explained his recommendations on how to more comprehensively measure and monitor global poverty. The report supports the World Bank Group’s goals of ending extreme poverty by 2030 and boosting shared prosperity.

The Commission was set up in June last year by the World Bank’s Chief Economist to advise the World Bank on 'how to measure and monitor global poverty' in monetary and non-monetary domains. It brought together 24 of the world’s leading poverty experts, under the chairmanship of Sir Tony, a world-leading authority on inequality.

He said: 'The aim of our Report was to improve the way the World Bank monitors poverty. By focusing on changes over time, we can learn, taking account of the potential margins of error, about the evolution of global poverty. The confidence to be placed in these conclusions can be increased by improvements in the methods of analysis and in the underlying data. Outside the World Bank, it is hoped that this report will be of value to everyone engaged in poverty measurement across the world, and be a highly positive force in encouraging partnerships.'

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