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This course is designed to give an overview of the project management skills and techniques you will need to design an effective research project and then manage it to a successful delivery. It will look at the importance of robust project design in increasing success rate of funding and how to embed effective management processes into your project planning, provide tips and advice on managing and mitigating risks, and hands-on project design and planning to ensure successful projects.

Intended Audience

Research Staff of Social Sciences Division

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The session will include: 

• Principles and concepts of good project management

• Planning and structure of the project and allocating resources

• Effective monitoring of delivery throughout the life of the project

• Top tips for managing the unexpected throughout the project life cycle

• Interactive scenario taking you from planning to delivery of the final project

All attendees are expected to be designing a project for submission to a funder, or have submitted a project already. Participants should bring a copy of their research project as it currently stands to allow for useful discussion and comment to be made.

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