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Explore what makes us all tick, with an evening of live performances and workshops presenting cutting-edge research from the Social Sciences Division

Please see our new LiveFriday pages for information about the night!

On 15 May the Social Sciences Division and the Ashmolean are joining forces to bring you a night of workshops, events, talks and activities that will bring the world-class research of our academics to life for a wide audience.

Amongst other things, visitors will experience reconstructions of Ancient Greek and Prehistoric music presented by researchers from the School of Archaeology, help design tools to remove the stigma of taking retro-virals in public from HIV positive teenagers in South Africa in a workshop led Department of Social Policy and Intervention, and take part in an immersive theatre experience exploring the complexities of migration policies with a group from the International Migration Institute.

Many of the projects will involve live mass experiments and workshops in which visitors  can contribute data feeding directly into research. For example, the Historic Environment Image Resource project will lead a tag-a-thon in which visitors can add information to their database of Victorian lantern slides, and the Oxford Internet Institute will hold a live voting experiment in the Gillray exhibition.

The programme focuses on drawing dynamic connections between the research projects, their impact, and the Ashmolean's collections. For example, one group has used the research finding that a museum visit increases wellbeing, and have created an apothecary shop to prescribe specific pieces of art for visitors to go and see to 'improve their condition and regulate their humours'.

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