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How a profusion of EAL pupils is no hindrance

The Times Educational Supplement, 30/01/2015, p.14, Richard Vaughan

The academic achievement of native English speakers does not suffer if they attend schools with a high proportion of pupils who speak a different first language, according to a new report by Professor Steve Strand and Professor Victoria Murphy at the University of Oxford. The research shows that the number of children who speak English as an additional language (EAL) has more than doubled since 1997, with 16.2 per cent of all pupils in England categorised as EAL in 2013, up from 7.6 per cent. 

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Paying everyone a basic income would kill off low-paid menial jobs

The Guardian, 02/02/2015, p.5, Paul Mason

Analysis of proposals for the UK to have an ‘unconditional basic income scheme’ makes a passing mention of research done in 2013 by the Oxford Martin School. The researchers predicted that in the next two decades 47% of US jobs would be in danger of being lost to automation.

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