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Financial Times, 28/01/2015, Helen Warrell and Elizabeth Rigby, p.3

Leading UK universities have warned the Labour party about the risks of cutting tuition fees from £9,000 to £6,000 a year in order to appeal to students and parents. Article notes that research by Stephen Fisher, a politics professor at Trinity College, Oxford, has established that since 1997, the student vote has ‘tracked the generosity of party tuition fees’. Professor Fisher identified six seats where the student vote could swing the result from Conservative to Labour, and two where students could help Labour win from the Lib Dems.

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Why This General Election Will Be Like No Other

Sky News online, 27/01/2015, Adam Boulton
Discussing the difficulty of predicting the result of this year’s General Election, Adam Boulton mentions that he recently ‘had the pleasure of catching up with Sir David Butler, the Oxford University professor who just about invented ‘psephology’ – the political science of studying elections. Even he admitted that he would normally make a confident forecast just 100 days out from polling day, but feels unable to do so this year.

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Ben Emmerson QC: the high-flyer representing Marina Litvinenko

Guardian online, 27/01/2015, Owen Bowcott
Profile of Ben Emmerson QC, the lawyer who is representing Marina Litvinenko at the inquiry into the murder of her husband notes that he is visiting professor in human rights law at Oxford University.

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