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Foreign pupils don't harm grades of English speakers

The Independent, 30/01/2015, p.7, Sarah Cassidy
Pupils who only speak English do not see their primary school test or GCSE grades suffer if they attend classes where most of their classmates speak other languages, according to Oxford University research published today. The report also found that whilst pupils who speak English as an additional language were behind aged five, by 16 they had caught up and were ahead in some areas such as maths. Authors Professor Steve Strand and Professor Victoria Murphy warned that the overall figures masked a huge range of results for pupils of different backgrounds.

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Bilingual pupils 'do not hold back classmates'
i (The paper for today), 30/01/2015, p.20, Sarah Cassidy

Guardian chief to step down as newspaper splashes out

Financial Times online, 29/01/2015, Henry Mance

Article on changes at the Guardian Media Group includes comment from Rasmus Nielsen, a researcher at the University of Oxford’s Reuters Institute.

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Eurozone Takes on Quantitative Easing, and Its Risks

New York Times, 29/01/2015, p.B3, Jack Ewing

Article on how the European Central Bank’s stimulus plan could end up making the rich richer highlights the views of John Muellbauer of Oxford University.

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Don't let the ridiculous smears fool you: Syriza is no party of the radical "far left"

New Statesman online, 29/01/2015, Mehdi Hasan
Comment piece on the Greek Syriza party’s economic policies highlights the views of Professor Simon Wren-Lewis of Oxford University.

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Action on tax

The Times, 30/01/2015, p.37
Professor Danny Dorling, Professor Frances Stewart and Dr John Toye of the University of Oxford are among the signatories to a letter calling for the UK to strengthen its rules on tax avoidance by multinational corporations.

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