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Warning over insurance firms facing big losses over fossil fuels

The Guardian, 04/03/2015, p.19, Damian Carrington

Insurance companies could suffer a “huge hit” if their investments in fossil fuel companies are rendered worthless by action on climate change, the Bank of England warned on Tuesday. Includes comment from Ben Caldecott, Director of the Stranded Assets programme at the University of Oxford.

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Disappointed Much? Google Backs Down On Android Encryption Promise

Forbes (USA), 03/03/2015, Thomas Fox-Brewster

Ian Brown, professor of information security and privacy at Oxford University, comments on the news that Google has backed down on a promise to enforce default disk encryption across Android devices.

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Opposition mocks Tory renewal of failed migration target

The Guardian, 03/03/2015, Nicholas Watt

Theresa May has been accused of “taking people for fools” after she announced that the Conservatives would make a fresh commitment to a net migration target missed by the government during this parliament. Article notes that last week the Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford said that the rise in net migration could be explained by Britain’s relatively strong economic growth.

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