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5 JANUARY 2015

Family planning relaxation has little effect on fertility rates: study

Global Times (China), 04/01/2015, Sun Wei
The 2013 reforms aimed at relaxing China's ‘one-child policy’ are likely to have a limited effect on the country's long-term demographic trends, or solve the problem of China's shrinking workforce, according to a report by the University of Oxford and Xi'an Jiaotong University. The researchers explored the effect of reforms which allow couples in which one member is an only child to have two children. Report co-author Stuart Basten, associate professor at the University of Oxford, is quoted.

Fixed-term parliament risks 'catastrophe'

The Times, 05/01/2015, p.9, Sam Coates

Sir Alan Duncan has said that it would be a “colossal constitutional error” to keep the Fixed-term Parliaments Act in place beyond this election. The article mentions that new research from the University of Oxford, which compared legislatures around the world, has found that governments in countries with fixed-term parliaments lasted for shorter periods than those where the leader had discretion to call an election.

Half of families will stop at one child by 2022

Daily Mail, 05/01/2015, p.9, Ben Spencer
Article about new research by Kent University, which suggests that more than half of British families will just have only one child by 2022, includes comment from Professor Ann Buchanan from the University of Oxford. She says research from China shows that most children from single-child families do extremely well; however, there are concerns that the increased pressure on lone children can lead to a higher risk of mental health problems.

Edward Brooke dies: Grandson of slaves and first African-American senator dies, aged 95

The Independent online, 04/01/2015, Tim Walker
Obituary of Edward Brooke, the first black US Senator ever elected by a popular vote, includes comment from Richard Johnson, a doctoral student in US politics at Oxford University who was one of the last people to interview Mr Brooke.