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BBC News online, 06/03/2015, Dominic Casciani

The population of England has risen by 565,000 since 2011 because of immigration, a major analysis by the University of Oxford estimates. The figures suggest the migrant population of every local authority in the country may have risen. Two-thirds of the rise is attributed to people from the European Union. The Migration Observatory unit says it came up with the projections because similar official data will not be available before the general election. Taking two key measures of people in the UK – the 2011 census and rolling data from the Labour Force Survey – the Oxford unit has projected that immigration has added to the population right across England as the economy has expanded. Its analysis suggests the greatest change has been in London. Almost 3.2 million people in the capital are now born abroad – 200,000 more than at the time of the last census. The foreign-born population of the South East is projected to have also risen to more than 1.1 million. Madeleine Sumption, director of the Migration Observatory at Oxford, said: ‘This data shows how different local experiences of migration have been across the UK. There are large variations in the size of migrant populations, as well as the share that come from EU countries. We have undertaken this analysis to provide a resource for anyone looking to understand local demographics of migration in the run-up to the general election.’

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BBC News online, 06/03/2015, Dominic Casciani

Comment & analysis: ‘The BBC has published figures from Oxford which, although they have limitations, tell us a great deal about the story of modern migration. And it is a tale of change and movement which challenges historic notions of how migration works. But let's start with what these figures are not. The headline suggests immigration has added more than half a million to the population over the last three years – and that would mean the foreign born population has probably reached eight million people. But that needs to be put firmly in a context which says “don't take it as gospel”. The projections created by Migration Observatory do not claim to be cast-iron indisputable figures - that is what official national statistics are for. Instead, they are an attempt to give us an idea about what kind of role immigration is playing in each community – although for statistical reasons they exclude Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland… “One of the things the figures show is that there is no single national story of how immigration has affected the UK,” says Madeleine Sumption, director of Migration Observatory. “There is an enormous amount of variation in the numbers of migrant populations in different local areas and the share of those people that come from EU or non-EU countries. The pace of change has also been quite different. Some areas like Boston in Lincolnshire have seen quite rapid transformation over a short period, whereas in other places like the North East immigration has been relatively low and stable.”…’

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06/03/2015, 06:01,06:17,06:30 and 06:42
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06/03/2015, 05:42
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06/03/2015, 06:31 and 06:47

Migrant population in England increased by 565,000 in three years – study

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Migrant population is ‘up by 565,000’

Oxford Mail online, 06/03/2015