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George Osborne could have cost UK economy 5% in GDP with spending cuts, says NIESR

International Business Times UK, 06/02/2015, Ian Silvera

The Chancellor's decision to impose deep spending cuts in 2010 may have cost the UK economy 5% in GDP, according to National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR). The thinktank, which published assessments of the Coalition Government's record in its National Institute Economic Review, found that George Osborne's austerity measures were overaggressive. Simon Wren-Lewis, Professor of Economics at the University of Oxford, examined macroeconomic policy and performance. He argued that structural change has been a ‘success’ but the Treasury's macroeconomic policy has been ‘largely a failure’ in economic and political terms.

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Should You Have The Right To Be Forgotten On Google? Nationally, Yes. Globally, No.

Huffington Post (USA), 02/05/2015

Luciano Floridi, Director of Research, Oxford Internet Institute and member of Google’s Advisory Council on the Right to be Forgotten, writes a comment piece on  the report on the European Union's recently recognized legal principle of the ‘right to be forgotten’ online.

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Call for better understanding of range of EAL attainment

SecEd, 05/02/2015, p.3, Pete Henshaw

Average attainment figures for students with English as an additional language (EAL) mask a ‘huge range of results’ for different groups, which schools need to better understand, Oxford University researchers have said. The researchers, Professor Victoria Murphy and Professor Steve Strand, are calling on schools to use their evidence to better target EAL funding.

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‘Wir reichen den Menschen den geladenen Revolver’

Die Zeit (Germany) , 06/02/2015, Philip Faigle

Interview with Oxford University’s Sir Paul Collier, in which he discusses attitudes towards and the effects of global migration.

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