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Britain likely to allow voting at 16

Times of India, 09/01/2015, via TNN

British politicians are considering proposals to give 16 year-olds the vote in the next general election. Article highlights a recent analysis by Professor Stephen Fisher of Trinity College, Oxford which confirmed that the student vote responds to political parties' policies on tuition fees.


Cracks in the digital map: what the 'geoweb' gets wrong about real streets

The Guardian online, 08/01/2015, Henry Grabar

The ‘geoweb’ of digital urban maps is full of omissions and distortions. Article includes comment from Mark Graham, a senior research fellow at Oxford Internet Institute.


Low inflation: whose failure?

Investors Chronicle, 09/01/2015, p.13, Chris Dillow

Article on limits to the role current quantitative easing measures can play in controlling inflation highlights the views of both John Muellbauer and Simon Wren-Lewis from Oxford University.