Stuart Basten at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, and Francesco Billari at the Department of Sociology win an award that celebrates innovative technology use in teaching, outreach and research.

Openpop org receives oxtalent award is an academic collaborative blog, which aims to provide demographic researchers with a platform to both present their ongoing research and to respond to contemporary population issues of relevance to economic and political stakeholders. The hope is that will constitute an effective way of linking research-based policy analyses to stakeholders in industry, government and NGOs and to other demographers.

The blog tackles head-on the challenge of making complex academic research accessible to a global audience in the critically important area of population change. In less than two years the blog has had nearly 40,000 views, with an average of 150-200 views per day. To place these figures in context and to demonstrate the extraordinary impact that open access can have, Stuart writes: ‘if one looks at the analytics for one of the world’s leading population journals, the most viewed article online was viewed online 3,610 times. As such, to say that we have had ten times as many views of the site as the most read article in one of the most read journals is something of an achievement.’ was entered in the 'Open Practices' category, which was won last year by the Department of Politics and International Relations blog 'Politics In Spires', a collaboration with the University of Cambridge

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Last year's 'Open Practices' winner, Politics In Spires

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