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Professors Catherine De Vries, Raymond Duch and Paul Montgomery to participate in Cross-Government Trial Advice Panel.

Oxford academics on cross government trial advice panel

Image credit: Shutterstock

For the first time, the Government are bringing together a group of top trialling experts from academia, including De Vries and Duch from the Department of Politics and International Relations and Montgomery, from the Department of Social Policy and Intervention. Working with a team of Government representatives, these academics will support civil servants in designing and implementing effective trials.  The aim of this Panel is to support trialling and experimentation and ultimately improve the effectiveness of Government policies.

 Specifically, the panel aims to:

  • Provide an expert advice service to all civil servants on designing and implementing trials that can help us better understand whether interventions (or variations within an intervention) are effective 
  • Increase the number of high quality trials taking place across Government both as part of new policies, programmes and interventions and as improvements to existing policies, programmes and interventions.
  • Increase skills and awareness across the civil service in understanding the value of experimental and quasi-experimental methods, and how to deliver high quality trials.

Professor Duch commented on the initiative, saying "I am delighted that the University will be participating in the Panel.  This is a unique opportunity for members of the University of Oxford scholarly community to share their experimental expertise with the Government and contribute to the design of high quality policy trials."

Professor Paul Montgomery said “I am delighted to bring the experience of the Centre for Evidence Based Intervention at Oxford to the panel. Over the last decade we have completed a large number of systematic reviews and trials. I hope that from this work I can add some real value to this important initiative.” 

 You can read more about this panel here 

 The Oxford University academics’ participation in the Panel will be funded by an ESRC Impact Acceleration Account award.