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The article Beyond political violence in Burundi: an economy in crisis, by Jean-Benoit Falisse, DPhil candidate at the Oxford Department of International Development,  has been published on The Conversation (18.09.2015)


The Conversation provides a platform for researchers to raise the profile of their research and engage the wider world, with the freedom to discuss topical issues in a more nuanced way than is typically offered by traditional media outlets and without the risk of commentary being taken out of context. 

Oxford is a member of The Conversation and as such receives regular opportunities for researchers and academics across the University to contribute articles, to take part in hands-on training to enhance writing and engagement skills and has access to detailed data on the published content, including readership metrics.

The articles are often picked up by other media (including the BBC, The Guardian, The Washington Post) resulting in even greater reach. To date, over 200 Oxford researchers and academics, at all levels, have published articles attracting 8 million readers from across the world including other academics, policymakers, funders, the media and the public.

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