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Measures that kept Pickering dry over Christmas likely to be echoed to help protect one of Britain’s most flood-prone cities.

York natural flood defence measures receive boost from prince charles

Caption: Canoeist paddles past flooded pub, York, North Yorkshire, UK. Copyright: Yorkman

Natural ways of slowing river flow after heavy rainfall are to be investigated for above York to try to help relieve one of Britain’s most flood-prone cities. Similar, measures managed to keep the Yorkshire town of Pickering safe during downpours after a scheme by academics at Oxford, Newcastle and Durham universities helped local people work out how to hold water back on the North Yorks Moors by building 167 ‘leaky dams’ in local becks.

The Wensleydale Project Catchment Plan will investigate techniques for holding water on moorland to prevent flooding downstream that proved effective in Pickering, and similarly plans to involve local people in designing and implementing them.

On Wednesday, Prince Charles visited the Pickering “Slow the Flow” scheme and saw it working in “very wet conditions”.