Divya Rowan

Divya Rowan

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Divya Rowan

Administrator (Academic Appointments and HR)

I lead the Academics Appointments and HR Team which has responsibility for the processes relating to academic appointments (i.e. Statutory Professors/Readers and Associate Professors). This includes oversight of appointments to the grade of Associate Professor and the HR lifecycle of the post and employee thereafter (including all payroll/CORE actions); Statutory Professorship posts (in conjunction with the Senior Appointments Team); requests to confer the title of Visiting Professor.

I also manage the following; approval process to establish new posts or release vacant posts for refilling; requests to work beyond the Employer Justified Retirement Age (EJRA); proposals to the Senior Appointments Panel (SAP); various gathered field exercises (Recognition of Distinction, Professorial Merit Pay, Conferment of title of Associate Professor); Recruitment and HR processes for divisional office staff and departmental Heads of Administration.


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