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  • Between one and five outputs are required for each person submitted in REF21.
  • There are exceptional circumstances if you don't have one research outputs (see below).
  • The number of research outputs a UoA can must include in a return is the people multiplied by 2.5, i.e. on average each person in a UoA return must submit 2.5 research outputs. Obviously, we aim to maximise the number of 4* research outputs. 
  • The process for selecting Outputs will be determined by your UoA and Department in accordance with the University Code of Practice.

'Exceptional circumstances'? 

The University will put in place a confidential process for recognising that some potentially eligible staff may not, for entirely justifiable reasons, meet the minimal research output requirement. This process will be defined and consulted on over the coming year, and will become part of the University's Code of Practice. The 2014 Code of Practice can be read here.