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The ESRC IAA is managed by the Social Sciences Division Research and Impact Team and provides flexible funding options for a wide range of KE activities. 

Here are our current funding calls:

latest CALL

briefing session

There will be a briefing session on the IAA/HEIF schemes outlined below from 2pm-4pm on 5th July 2017 at the Social Sciences Division (Hayes House, 75 George Street). This session will introduce the schemes, and allow potential applicants to hear from existing award holders and ask questions with subject specific examples.

For more details, and to register a place and this briefing, please follow the Eventbrite link:



Next gathered field deadline: 29th September 2017 - 5pm

This scheme provides small grants (up to £2.5K) for events/meetings to bring together academics with non-academic stakeholders in meaningful and productive two-way discussions. These grants are intended as a first step in developing new collaborative relationships with non-academics that will, in turn, open up opportunities for new projects. Please contact us if you are interested in applying via



Deadline: 6th October 2017 - 5pm

Kick-starting Impact Awards are small flexible grants (up to £7.5K) which are intended to facilitate new Knowledge Exchange projects. They may be used, for example, to fund pilot-scale projects or stakeholder engagement activities which lay the foundation for future collaborations or engage existing partners in new KE activities. The activities must be carried out in a genuinely collaborative manner, with significant contribution from non-academic partners. Salary costs for the Academic Leads are not eligible under this scheme.



Deadline6th October 2017 - 5pm

This scheme is intended for Knowledge Exchange projects which may be a continuation of a previous project or a new initiative and aim to drive activity that will encourage impact from excellent research. This funding (up to £50K) is flexible and can cover a wide array of activities which have the potential to generate or accelerate research impact. We encourage innovative ideas. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss a potential project. Salary costs for the Academic Leads are not eligible to be included in an Impact Acceleration Award proposal. However, you may wish to use some of the funding to cover salary costs for project staff e.g. a postdoctoral researcher, a KE Officer, casual research assistance, or someone with specific technical skills.



Deadline: 6th October 2017 - 5pm

This scheme (awards up to £25K) enables individuals from non-academic partner organisations to visit Oxford and be embedded within departments/faculties or research groups for between 6-8 months. The aim is that this involvement with research will feed into their normal practice and forge closer relations between the University and their organisations and networks. Researchers will benefit from the practice, knowledge and perspectives of the non-academic partner, enabling their research to be more relevant and useful to end users.


To apply for one of the three ESRC IAA schemes, please use the following documents:

Other IAA schemes (Oxford only)

HEIF | KE Fellowships

Deadline6th October 2017 - 5pm

This scheme enables an academic (early career or established) to spend time working closely/embedded with an external non-academic organisation/s. The grant covers £20K of salary or buyout and £5K for other project costs. We are looking for creative, practical and innovative proposals that engage non-academic partners in two-way sharing of learning, ideas and experiences with the aim of accelerating the economic and societal impacts of excellent social sciences research.

To apply for a HEIF KE Fellowship, please use the following documents:

Other opportunities (Oxford only)

POST Fellowships 

Deadline: 31st July 2017 - 5pm

The Parliamentary Academic Fellowship Scheme is offering academics from different subject areas and at any career stage the opportunity to come and work in Parliament. This latest call is an Open Call – meaning academics can propose a project of their choosing.

Oxford process: Submit your application (download from POST) with parts 1-3 completed by 31st July if you want the ESRC IAA to fund this fellowship. Applications cannot be submitted to POST without IAA support. Applications will be reviewed in-house before a funding decision is made.

Joint funding with ESRC and EPSRC IAAs for interdisciplinary impact projects

Deadline: 21st August 2017

If you have a project idea that spans the disciplinary remits for the EPSRC and ESRC, talk to us as soon as possible about how to apply for potential co-funded projects. The next deadline for the EPSRC IAA is the 21st August, and applications for joint proposals will need to be made by then – please note this is earlier than the normal ESRC IAA deadline.

More information and contacts