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Political animals who did your genes vote for

This talk will explore the new science of biopolitics, which brings to political science new insights from human biology and psychology. It will raise questions for debate such as are humans political by nature? Which came first, politics or people? What is politics even for? Why do some of us lead and others follow, and what kind of people to we want to lead us? Are we fish out of water in the contemporary world, with evolved political instincts that are ill equipped for the scale and challenges of modern society and international relations? Why are people so entrenched in their dispositions to the political left or the right? Might our ideological preferences even have a genetic basis? And what are the implications of that for free will and democracy?

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Department of Politics and International Relations

Dr Dominic Johnson

Twitter: @Politics_Oxford


Event supporters

We are grateful to the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) for their support through the University of Oxford’s ESRC Impact Acceleration Account.

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