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Session 1 in summary:

1A CASE STUDIES: Research into action: improving water security in developing countries

This session explores two projects responding to water provision challenges in two African nations. The cultural and socio-political sensitivities of water security in a development setting, combined with an increasing pressure from funders to measure impact and demonstrate translation of ‘research into action’ create unique challenges and opportunities for interdisciplinary research.

  • Research into action: working with local stakeholders in interdisciplinary water research in Ethiopia
    Dr Catherine  Fallon Grasham, Oxford University Centre for the Environment, University of Oxford
  • Water pumps and solidarity in rural Madagascar
    Dr Sara de Wit, Institute for Science, Innovation and Society, University of Oxford

1B PANEL DISCUSSION: Legal impacts aren’t just for lawyers

This panel will present and discuss a range of projects, both from legal researchers and those from other disciplines who are having legal impacts. Hear about some of the life-changing impacts from researchers working on victim participation at the International Criminal Court, using longitudinal data to strengthen approaches to combatting child marriage in India, bringing together Ombudsmen with their watchers, and using economic analysis to overturn employment tribunal fees in a Supreme Court judgement.

Chairs: Karen Eveleigh and Elizabeth Hodges, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford

  • How does an economist influence Supreme Court decisions?
    Prof Abigail Adams, Department of Economics, University of Oxford
  • Building relationships that last: Stakeholder engagement
    Dr Naomi Creutzfeldt, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford
  • Advancing the impact of Victim participation at the International Criminal Court: Bridging the gap between research and practice
    Dr Rudina Jasini, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford
  • Young Lives project: Brighter futures for girls- using Young Lives evidence to tackle child marriage in India
    Frances Winter, Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford

1C SHARING SESSION: Creative approaches to impact and engagement

Learn how to make a difference with your research in unusual and creative ways. In this session researchers will share their experiences of film-making, theatre and exhibitions to engage audiences on range of issues ranging from safeguarding children whose mothers are being sentenced, challenging abortion stigma through storytelling, exploring minority group bereavement and memorial provision through images, and using a stage play to explore sociologies of modern motherhood.

  • Abortion Stigma: resistance and rejection- Translating research results into effective public engagement
    Dr Lesley Hoggart, School of Health, Wellbeing and Social Care, The Open University and Dr Imogen Goold, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford
  • Planned and unplanned Impact in the Deathscapes and Diversity project
    Dr Avril Maddrell, Dr Brenda Mathijssen and Dr Danny McNally, Department of Geography and Environmental Science, University of Reading
  • Doing impact: research, impact and serendipity
    Professor Tina Miller, Department of Social Sciences, Oxford Brookes University
  • Safeguarding Children when Sentencing Mothers: The collaborative design of research-based films for use by criminal justice professionals
    Dr Shona Minson, Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford

1D TARGET GROUP WORKSHOP: Values, confidence and time: successful collaboration with civil society organisations

Workshop led by: William Allen, Centre on Migration Policy and Society, University of Oxford and Dr Christopher Shaw, Climate Outreach

What are the key ingredients are to making partnerships with charities, NGOs, and voluntary organisations work? Hear from two speakers who are well-qualified to understand how to overcome practical sticking points: one, a researcher who has carried out a wide-ranging study of civil society organisations in the UK; the other a researcher turned climate change communications practitioner. How do stakeholder values shape academic collaborations? How external partners understand what constitutes evidence? Discover some practical tips for engaging and communicating at all levels, from individuals to across sectors.

1E SKILLS WORKSHOP: Talking to the media: How to find and share the story in your research

Workshop led by: Claire Bolderson and Caroline Finnigan, Engaging Communications

A practical workshop to help you present the best of your research and your expertise to a wider audience. Caroline Finnigan is a former BBC senior producer. Claire Bolderson is a former BBC News correspondent and presenter. Both continue to make documentaries for the BBC. In addition to running workshops on engagement with the media, with policy makers and with funders, they also train journalists in the UK and internationally.

NB If you would like to book a 1:1 practice interview and consultation with Claire and Caroline in the afternoon, please contact us via You will need to submit some brief information about you and your research so they can prepare in advance.