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Session 3 in summary:

3A CASE STUDIES: Impact and Influence through the media

How can you make media work count in terms of impact and influence? Our speakers are all established communicators, with research engagement at the heart of their work. They are also highly experienced in dealing with controversial or politically significant topics (migration, identity, poverty to name a few) in. In this session, you will be able to take away some of the routes to success and pitfalls to avoid – helpful both if you are looking to approach the media, but also if the media approach you.

  • Case studies in tricky subjects - inequality, elitism, and death
    Professor Danny Dorling, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford
  • From front pages to tabloid rages: influencing the migration debate
    Madeleine Sumption and Mikal Mast, The Migration Observatory, University of Oxford

3B PANEL DISCUSSION: Transferrable models of truly engaged research

The projects in this session all have engagement and impact at their core. Whether setting up academic- industry partners with businesses, developing educators use of publisher’s systems to support literacy, or ensuring that young people can be actively involved in shaping mental health research, this session explores how making stakeholders an active part of the process of research offers organic opportunities and exciting directions.

Chair: Naomi Gibson, Medical Sciences Division, University of Oxford

  • Where are we going and how do we get there? A study of OUP Pathways to School Improvement (Design led research approach)
    Susila Davis-Singaravelu, Department of Education, University of Oxford
  • Developing a Young People’s Advisory Group for Neuroscience Ethics
    Jessica Lorimer, Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford and Oliver Tailby (Chipping Norton School)
  • Building Impact-Centric Academic-Industry Research Partnerships
    Professor Andrew Stephen, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

3C SHARING SESSION: Influencing people, organisational behaviour, and practices

How do you change the way an organisation works? Or get people to adopt new habits for the better? Learn how researchers have been working with Microsoft and the NHS to develop virtual consultations with doctors via video and Skype, how a collaboration with Samsung and Age UK is using wearable technology to improve the health of older people, and how business research has guided an international food company with a pilot designed to tack malnutrition in India. A great opportunity to hear from academics working in tandem with large-scale corporations.

  • Business pilots of Multinational Corporations: A unique setting for social science research
    Dr Sudhir Rama Murthy, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and Alastair Colin-Jones, Mars Inc.
  • Approaches to bridge diverse stakeholder perspectives in a research programme on activity monitors
    Professor Shailey Minocha, Dr Ana Despina-Tudor, and team, Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, The Open University

  • Co-evolving virtual consultation services within the NHS
    Dr Joseph Wherton , Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford and rep from Barts Health NHS Trust.


3D TARGET GROUP WORKSHOP: Working with local, national and regional policy-makers in developing countries

Workshop led by: Professor Lucie Cluver, Roxanna Haghighat, Maria Michalopoulou, Anna Carlqvist and Camille Wittesaele, Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford

“You academicians act like we’re stupid. You try running my country”: Lessons from working with local, national and regional policy-makers in Africa

The team from the Young Carers project will share lessons from working with local, national and regional policy-makers in Africa and help participants to know what to expect and to know how best to approach and engage with policymakers in a developing country context.

3E SKILLS WORKSHOP: Unlocking public engagement through drama and performance

Workshop led by: William Allen, Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, University of Oxford and Ida Persson and Vanessa Hughes (ActREAL)

Are you thinking of communicating your research or engaging with the public? Is your research topic tricky, controversial or sensitive? Would you like to find new ways of creating deeper engagement with your stakeholders? Do you want to explore the human element of social sciences research - and to connect people with ideas in a different way?

This session will share experiences and lessons learned from a project that combined quantitative media research with multi-sensory, creative activities to challenge participants to think about how they consume media and how they are influenced by what they see and hear. Hear from the researcher's perspective but also learn from the professionals and actors helping to make this happen.

Ida Persson and Vanessa Hughes from ActREAL will share their professional experience bringing academic research on social issues into the community by using theatre and performance to bring it to life. Examples of their work include engaging school pupils with stories of undocumented migrant children to unlock understanding and empathy, engaging students on the debates, relationships and personal stories involved in the current migration crisis, and using comedy and outreach to bring research to life, and really making a difference to people.