ROD Committee

Social Sciences Division Recognition of Distinction Committee

2019 Exercise

Applications are now invited for the 2018-19 Recognition of Distinction Awards to confer the title of professor at the University of Oxford.



Professor Sarah Whatmore Head of Division (chair)
Professor Christopher Adam Department of International Development
Professor Jo-Anne Baird Department of Education
Professor Anne Davies Faculty of Law
Professor Sue Dopson Saїd Business School
Professor Bernhard Ebbinghaus Department of Social Policy and Intervention
Professor Louise Fawcett

Department of Politics and International Relations

Dr Elizabeth Ewart School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography
Professor Peter Kemp

Blavatnik School of Government

Professor Julia Lee-Thorp School of Archaeology
Professor Philip Howard Oxford Internet Institute
Professor Christiaan Monden Department of Sociology
Professor Timothy Power School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies
Professor Margaret Stevens Department of Economics
Professor Heather Viles School of Geography and the Environment
Professor Ash Amin
Department of Geography
University of Cambridge
Professor Sir Ian Diamond
Former Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Aberdeen
Professor Dame Hazel Genn
Faculty of Laws
Professor Ben Lockwood
Department of Economics
University of Warwick


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