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The Social Sciences Division is led by the Head of Division, Professor Sarah Whatmore, who is accountable to the Vice-Chancellor. The Head of Division provides strategic academic leadership, represents the division within the collegiate University and externally, and plays a key role in the University’s overall governance (including as a member of the University's Council). The Divisional Secretary heads the divisional administration, works closely with the Head of Division, and reports to the University’s Registrar.

Social Sciences Board

The Social Sciences Board has oversight of the organisation, development, and delivery of curricula in collaboration with the colleges, and oversight and development of strategy relating to research in the social sciences. It prepares five-year strategic plans and approves departmental budgets and operating statements annually. It is also responsible for the appointment and reappointment of academic staff, and the maintenance of educational quality and standards.

The Board meets twice each term, on Friday of Second and Seventh Week. Its membership is drawn from across the division and includes representatives of the Conferences of Colleges and the undergraduate and postgraduate student bodies, as detailed here. Standing Orders of the Board can be found here.