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Decision-making at Oxford, as at many UK HEIs, is managed through the University’s committees which operate at institutional, divisional and departmental levels. Many committees are established in the University Regulations and, if so, changes must be approved at all three (departmental, divisional, University) levels.

Divisional committees

Divisional governance is overseen by Divisional Board, supported by Planning & Resources Committee. There are also a number of educational committees (Graduate Studies, Undergraduate Studies, and Quality Assurance Committees), a Research Strategy Group and an Equality & Diversity Steering Group as well as an IT Forum and an Appointments Panel.

Departmental committees

Each department has its own committee structure. Each committee will have Terms of Reference (TORs), setting out its remit and membership. You should familiarise yourself with the TORs for your departmental committees when you arrive.

Public Sector Equality Duty 2015

A paper on the Public Sector Equality Duty should be an item on the agenda of each committee at its first meeting of the academic year.

The Division has provided a template paper on the Public Sector Equality Duty in respect of business before committees, for inclusion in the papers for the first meeting of the academic year of your committee(s).


Several thematic staff networks exist to support the work of professional staff across the division. These include:

  • Communications Officers
  • Finance Managers
  • Heads of Administration
  • HR Professionals
  • IT Staff
  • Research Project Administrators
  • Safety Officers
  • Student Administrators Forum

Departmental staff with responsibilities that fall under the above themes should be encouraged to join and/or attend the network in question, if they do not already do so. Please contact the relevant divisional team for more information.