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The University’s principal HR Information System (HRIS) is CoreHR, which you will need to use for recruitment exercises as well as to ensure staff are being paid appropriately and from appropriate sources. Information about Core is available on the University website.


The recruitment section of the Personnel Services website provides detailed and up-to-date guidance on recruitment and selection. Posts must be advertised using the latest job description template.

Recruitment good practice – including guidance on selection committee composition and training and reviewing and refining further particulars – is covered in the divisional Equality & Diversity Guidance, currently being produced (please speak to the Planning & Projects Team).


If your department is in financial deficit or has been identified as at risk of being so, you will need to complete a recruitment proposal form for all refills, extensions and new posts.

All other departments should complete a recruitment proposal form for any new post, refill or extension that was not included in the divisionally-agreed departmental budget plan at the same grade and FTE.

The University introduced an FTE control for non-academic, departmentally-funded staff in 2015/16.

Key points:

  • An example departmental recruitment proposal, including options for academic and administrative staff, is available here
  • Recruitment proposal forms can be requested from the Academic Appointments Team
  • Statutory Professors are excluded from the above process for all departments. Please contact the Academic Appointments Team for advice on the process for follow to refill, extend or create a new Statutory Professorship


The University provides standard contract templates which must be used. Information, guidance and the templates themselves are available here (you will need log in details to access the templates – contact 

Support for carers

The University recognises that caring is an important role, and seeks to support staff with caring responsibilities wherever possible. Caring responsibilities can affect us all, may arise without warning, and may be temporary, long-term or permanent. Staff may have caring responsibilities for relatives, or friends, or family overseas, or they may be trying to juggle multiple caring responsibilities. 

Information and guidance for support the University provides is available on the University website, in Personnel Services.