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Depending on the size of your department, you may have formal line management responsibility for all or the majority of the administrative team, or you may have formal line management responsibility only for departmental ‘team leaders’. Whichever is the case, as Head of Administration, you have overall responsibility for managing the administrative team, including for ensuring that people feel they are treated consistently and equally, and for any HR issues that arise. You are also responsible for keeping right to work documentation on file for all departmental staff (including academic and research staff employed by the department). Information about matters pertaining to immigration is available from the Staff Immigration Team.

The Division’s HR Business Partner team provide support in the area of staff management. They are happy to meet with you on a regular basis, and we would encourage you to contact them at any point when you need advice (see key contacts).

With varying degrees of involvement from others in the department, you are responsible for:

  • drafting job descriptions for grading and advertising, recruitment, appointment, payroll details, 
  • induction and training, coaching and advising, 
  • review of probationary period and appraisal, holidays, absences,
  • merit review, reviews of grades,
  • health and safety, accidents at work, discipline, complaints, redeployment and so on.

For these purposes, you should keep a file for each member of staff.You should maintain the same processes, and basic information on file, for all administrative staff regardless of their line of report. 

There should be an organisational chart for your department which should be kept up to date. Grades of posts can be recorded here, in a confidential version if desired.

Key points:

  • Contact the HR Business Partner team - see key contactsif you need advice on an HR issue
  • Keep a file for each member of staff, containing a copy of their contract, any subsequent written correspondence pertaining to their duties or working hours, any training records, records of absence, work-related health matters, or other issues that may be relevant to their working life
  • Ensure there is an organisational chart for your department


It is your responsibility to ensure that accurate records for professional and support staff are kept on personal leave allowances and leave taken; sick leave; parental leave; and other absences. There are, however, only a few formal reporting requirements to the University:

  • sick leave (which, beyond the first four months, should be reported to Payroll),
  • maternity, adoption, shared parental and paternity leave and unpaid parental leave (which should be reported to Payroll in advance)
  • other unpaid leave arrangements, and
  • accident report forms (which should be managed in accordance with University Health and Safety guidelines.

Details of long-service leave and how to calculate leave for part-time staff are available online.


We would ask you to permit staff time to attend courses to enhance their professional development, even where the course content is not directly related to their areas of responsibility. The University has a new Guide to Staff Development with information on training and personal development opportunities available to professional and support staff in the University.


In 2016, the University introduced an FTE control for non-academic, departmentally-funded staff. This means that all departments have agreed a ‘budget FTE’ for the year which they are not permitted to exceed without permission from the division.

Please contact the Divisional Finance Team if you are unable to ascertain your departmental budget FTE for the year. You should raise any issues arising from the budget FTE with the Divisional Secretary.