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The University has agreed to a student number cap, which means that at present departments cannot exceed the quotas allocated to them at programme level, and that, should any new course be agreed, its student numbers will have to come from within existing student numbers.

For UG students, admissions are largely managed by the colleges. Applicants submit their UCAS applications by 15 October, and may need to take a test as part of their application and/or send in written work. Shortlisted candidates will then be invited to interviews in December and decisions are communicated in early or mid-January. Quotas for UG students are managed by the colleges in conjunction with departments.

For PG students, admissions are handled by the University. Applications are submitted to the Graduate Admissions office, who will confirmed whether they have all the required elements before forwarding them to departments for assessment. Decisions to admit students are made by at least three members of academic staff, though often an admissions panel may be used. Decisions will then be recorded in the student system and communicated to the applicant. 

Each PG programme has a quota, and a recommended ‘over-offer’ ratio. It is important that offers are carefully managed with the aim of recruiting to quota. For advice or information, please contact the Academic Office.