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Masters students will be assessed through a blend of examinations and coursework. Each course has its own Course Handbook and examination conventions, and the framework is formalised in the University’s Examination Regulations.

Doctoral students are usually admitted as Probationer Research Students (PRS) and are required to transfer and then confirm their status. The timing of this should be as follows:

  • transfer to full DPhil status, assessed by two academic assessors, by the end of their fourth term
  • confirmation of DPhil status, assessed by two academic assessors, within nine terms of admission as a PRS.

The University website provides further information on key milestones for DPhil students.

Students who progress from an Oxford MPhil to an Oxford DPhil are usually admitted directly as DPhil students. They are therefore not usually obliged to transfer their status, and the timing of their Confirmation of Status is also different.