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Many of our graduate students undertake fieldwork, and a small number of undergraduate students may also do so. Prior to undertaking fieldwork students must:

  • discuss the proposed project with their supervisor
  • complete a risk assessment form, to be approved by their supervisor and then the Head of Department where appropriate (see 'Overseas travel policy' under 'Health & Safety' of this Handbook for more information)
  • undertake any necessary or relevant training.

Academic supervisors have responsibilities to their students as set out in the University policy on supervisors’ responsibilities. The division produces a fact sheet and practical guide for fieldwork supervisors. Departments are responsible for ensuring that the appropriate processes are followed, and that any fieldwork is formally approved in advance.

Fieldwork is described in more detail under the ‘Health & Safety’ section of this Handbook. Support and advice is available from the Divisional Safety Officer and on the fieldwork pages of the divisional website. There is also a website dedicated to fieldworkers’ experiences.

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