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Planning and projects

We coordinate activity across the division and provide support to departments, in connection with all major planning processes and strategic projects, encompassing:

  • academic and strategic planning
  • capital and space planning
  • financial planning
  • the annual process for proposing University fees
  • the provision of management information in support of this activity, and
  • support for departments wishing to submit applications to the expanded Athena SWAN Charter.

Divisional oversight of the activities outlined below is provided by the Planning and Resources Committee (PRC) and Divisional Board.

Academic and strategic planning

During the annual academic planning round, we work closely with departments to ensure that divisional planning reflects the key strategic objectives of the departments and units in the division, as well as the associated challenges and opportunities that are faced. Planning guidance, including templates and financial change workbooks, are usually issued to departments in early February each year, due for return in late March. Once approved by Divisional Board, the division submits its plans to the central University for approval by University Council.

Capital and space planning

We support departments in their space and capital planning and liaise closely with Estates Services. All requests from departments for space allocation or release, or the initiation of capital projects come through the divisional office. The University has a Capital Masterplan spanning 2013 to 2023, split into two five-year periods (2013-2018 and 2018-2023). A range of divisional interests are represented in the University’s ten-year Capital Masterplan and this is updated annually with new requirements as appropriate. This activity is incorporated into the annual academic planning round.

Financial planning

The Financial Year (FY) runs from 1 August – 31 July. Budgets are set each year in Hilary Term for the following FY, and reviewed with the division in early May. Forecasts are submitted quarterly in November, March, and May on templates provided by the divisional office. For further information see: Finance

University tuition fees

University fees for Overseas undergraduate and all postgraduate programmes are set each year by University Planning and Resource Allocation Committee (PRAC). Each year in Michaelmas Term, the division issues guidance to departments, seeking proposals by mid-February, for onward submission to the relevant University committees.

Management information

A suite of departmental activity indicators has been developed in consultation with departmental Heads of Administration. They are intended to support departmental planning and reflection, in particular in relation to the above planning processes, and to inform PRC’s consideration of divisional activity. The indicators are made available annually in Michaelmas Term to senior departmental staff.

Athena SWAN Charter

The Equality Challenge Unit (ECU) has expanded the Athena SWAN Charter, to seek to address gender inequalities and imbalance in arts, humanities, social sciences, business and law departments. Departments in the division are now able to submit award applications under the scheme. For advice about or help in your department with Athena SWAN, please contact Tanya Baldwin.


A timetable for key planning activities is available. It incorporates, in addition to those listed above, information on the following activities:

  • the Recognition of Distinction Exercise; 
  • the conferment of the title of Associate Professor; 
  • updating Conference of Colleges on posts seeking college association;
  • Health and Safety assurance; and
  • Joint Divisional/Education Committee reviews of departments, held every six years.

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