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Annual Timetable for Departments for Key Planning Activities

The details below provide an indicative annual timetable; for confirmation of precise dates in any given academic year, please contact Jared Hutchings or Fiona Groenhout.

Annual Planning Round

To inform departmental/divisional plans, capital and space needs, risk register, 3-year financial projections and future budget targets

Early February:  Planning guidance, template and financial change workbook issued to departments

Late March: Return of template and financial change workbook

Budgeting & Forecasting

Late November: Submission of Q1 forecast

Mid-March: Submission of Q2 forecast

Late February: Budget Templates issued

First half of May: Next year’s budget review meeting with Division (budget to be submitted c. five working days before meeting)

Late May: Submission of Q3 forecast

Tuition fee proposals

For entry in next but one academic year

Second half of Michaelmas Term: Guidance documents issued to departments 

Mid-February: Return of proposals to divisional office 

Recognition of Distinction Exercise

Applications for the conferment of the title of Professor

Hilary Term: Deadline for applications 

Trinity Term/Long Vacation:

  • Divisional Recognition of Distinction panel makes recommendations to Senior Appointments Panel
  • Senior Appointment Panel makes final decisions
  • Vice-Chancellor writes to applicants to notify outcome

Conferment of the title of Associate Professor

8 April 2015: Divisional Board considers applications for conferment of the title of Associate Professor (for those staff who are not automatically entitled to use it) 

Update to Conference of Colleges on posts seeking college association 

September: Conference requests information on anticipated posts that will be seeking a college association

Health & Safety

October: Departments complete online Health and Safety Self Assurance Questionnaire 

Timing as agreed with Divisional Safety Officer: Divisional Safety Officer undertakes annual workplace inspection of departmental buildings

Joint Divisional/Education Committee review of departments

Every six years: Department prepares self-evaluation document and review panel convened for 2 day review 

Three years after review: Mid-term update on progress against recommendations in last review of department (completion of template) 


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Other dates to note

Divisional Planning & Resources Committee:

Friday of Week 0 and Tuesday of Week 6 each term

Divisional Board

Friday of Weeks 2 and 7 each term

 Divisional Teaching Quality Assurance (incl. calendar) 

John Fell OUP Research Fund deadline for applications: Termly